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Patricia Braun of Braun Strategic Resources, Inc.
Patricia Braun
Founder & President

Patricia Braun is the founder and President of Braun Strategic Resources, Inc. She has assisted individuals and businesses in simplifying their lifestyles by using customized approaches to analyze, develop and implement organizational techniques and systems that focus on each unique situation. Her patience and attention to detail help to personalize the process.

Prior to establishing the firm in 1988, Patricia held positions in management, human resources and sales providing over ten years of diverse experience.

Ms. Braun received a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in psychology, communication and business from St. Norbert College. She earned a Master’s degree in business from Loyola University.

Patricia is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and a founding member of the NAPO-Chicago Chapter which is celebrating their 22nd anniversary this year. She served three terms as Chapter President. Patricia is also a 20 year member of the NAPO “Golden Circle” which recognizes members when they have been in business for five years and have met other eligibility requirements. She is also a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).

Patricia attributes much of her organizing abilities to her mom who continues to inspire her.

Some of the corporate clients Braun Strategic Resources, Inc. has served are: AGA Gas Central, Allstate Insurance Company, Amoco, Ariel Capital Management, Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, RHR International, Scott Foresman, Smith Barney, Springer Souder & Associates, various departments at the University of Illinois and Urban Search of Chicago. Among the diverse small businesses that have benefited from our expertise include: artists, authors, consultants, insurance agents, ophthalmologists, periodontists, soap opera writers and trucking firms. Client relationships vary from one-time projects to weekly appointments.

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