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Everyone would benefit from having a "Pat Braun" in their life. It's an undeniable fact that systems move toward disorder... the law of entropy. In my world of running a business, being a wife and raising children, Pat plays the crucial role of keeping me organized and therefore balanced. Her skills and pleasant demeanor combine to make her a positive force. Through Pat, I've experienced the crucial relationship between organization, peace of mind and success. For 15 years Pat has been coming to my office to de-clutter, log in bills, open mail and keep track of outgoing payments. She has made herself available for special projects and deadlines that invariably come up in a business. At home, Pat has helped me to de-clutter and maintain order which is not easy with a husband that keeps everything and 3 growing children. I appreciate Pat’s attitude towards her work. She handles complex projects with great alacrity.

If life were a fairy tale, Pat would be the fairy god mother or the elf that makes the cobblers shoes. When she comes in things are a mess and when she leaves all is perfect!

Dr. Yetta McCullom

I was initially hesitant when Pat first contacted me about organizing my studio in 1998.  Once we started working together I realized I could trust her and we have been able to establish storage systems and coordinate my financial/tax records – a huge asset to my business.  My goal is to spend my time creating sculptures and not working in the office.  Pat gives me the freedom to do so.  She is very perceptive of my priorities, respectful of my organizational criteria and extremely flexible.

Richard Hunt

Our office and home are the epicenter of everyday busy lives. My husband as a senior executive of large companies and corporate boards, as I also sit on two local boards, we need organization! Braun Strategic Resources has worked with us over the past 25 years to facilitate that, and truly helped create everyday efficiency in all aspects, to allow the best quality in our work and in our lives. We have recommended them to numerous friends and associates.

Mimi & Richard Lappin

I have been a client of Braun Strategic Resources for over 20 years. During that time, I have worked with BSR on professional as well as personal tasks. In my career as a daytime television writer, organizing the enormous flow of papers that constantly moves through my office has been an ongoing issue. BSR has been extremely helpful over the years in helping to create and maintain a sense of order. As our family has grown and then as children left home years later, BSR has come to our aid time and again in helping us ease through these life transitions. Patricia Braun approaches each client sensitively and personally. She is concerned about fulfilling the client's goals. She is always tuned in to the personal and professional issues a client may be confronting. Patricia Braun, owner of Braun Strategic Resources, is a person one can trust with the most intimate details of one's life and business with complete trust in her discretion and confidentiality. Her work with me and with our family has led to an enduring personal friendship.

Kay Alden Nelson
Story Consultant – The Young and the Restless – CBS-TV, 2016 – Present
Co-Head Writer - The Bold and the Beautiful - CBS-TV, 2007 - 2013
Head Writer - The Young and the Restless - CBS-TV, 1998 - 2006

For more than 20 years, Pat Braun has been our family’s personal organizer. She has kept my home and office papers accessible and organized through good times and bad. Without her calm, steady, quiet demeanor and efficiency the enormous task of closing and reopening my office would have been too daunting. Occasionally I would hire her to help my sons in their homes.

She helped my late husband with his offices. I tease her when I tell her that, were it not for her, my marriage of 39 years would not have survived. Because after Pat started working for my husband, whenever he couldn't find something, instead of getting annoyed, I’d simply say: “Call Pat.” And as a dear family friend, she was there for us when we needed her assistance organizing his memorial as well as the painful task of purging and organizing after his death.

Pat loves her work, and the moment her smiling face comes through the door she begins her work. You could not hire a more trustworthy, non-judgmental and dedicated personal organizer. Go ahead, don’t over think this decision...hire her now!

Madeline Murphy Rabb
President, Murphy Rabb, Inc.

Pat provided a professional and personal approach to enhancing the efficiency of my home office. She created new systems for us and offered valuable guidance to my employees. She understands how to organize and streamline a workspace and an organization. I was delighted with her work.

Scott Turow

I have worked with Pat for almost 30 years. She has assisted me with unpacking from a major move, planning family gatherings, bill paying and various administrative services, coordinating the redecorating of my home, reducing the anxiety of traveling by simplifying packing and so much more.

Her positive attitude, genuine concern and great work ethic make it a pleasure to work with her.

Judy Sagan

I am deeply indebted to Pat Braun for the order and systems developed for my home and office. They are easy to maintain and have allowed me to enjoy my home, and be efficient and effective at my office. I highly recommend her. I have recommended her many times to my friends for their homes, and colleagues for their offices. All of them have been extremely pleased.

Ann E. Smith

I couldn’t have “done it” without Pat! The thought of “throwing away my life” was overwhelming and frightening. Pat’s calming presence and even temperament gave me the ‘permission’ I needed to let go of things (I donated numerous boxes of books that I never thought I could part with) and embrace the 21st century. My photos are in albums, my documents are in folders, my music is at my finger tips and it’s all backed up in the Cloud! My children are very thankful that they are not left with this project!

Wini Scott Phd.
OD Consultant

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