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Residential organizing services include, but are not limited to reducing clutter, bill paying, closets and kitchen organizing, and furniture layout. Our ideas for becoming more organized focus on each individual and their specific needs not a one-size fits all.

scrapbook services and memorabilia Memorabilia and photo organizing involves sorting through the photos and selecting the best options. Labeling items and photos with a description and a date. Then determining the method(s) to store them. If you decide on an album, we can produce a basic album or a more detailed, creative version. Documenting family history is another service we offer. We can also transform a photo album into a 'storybook' of a holiday, life, vacation, etc. by focusing on the details of the images.
small business organizing solutions Small business organizing ranges from creating filing systems, designing office layouts, editing correspondence/marketing materials, paying bills, consolidating documents for accountants to analyzing staffing. One of the reasons that Braun Strategic Resources is successful is the customized approach we use to deliver the results our clients expect. Transforming a client’s office by creating a filing system and clearing the stacks of paper has inspired other staff members to organize their work space!

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